The project leader, Dr. Juraj Darmo, will hold different talks to present some achievements of the TERACOMB project.

On May, 11th 2015 Dr. Darmo will hold a talk at CLEO:2015 in San Diego (USA) on amplification of THz frequency comb like spectrum derived from NIR frequency comb. CLEO (Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics) serves as the premier international forum for scientific and technical optics. The conference unites the fields of lasers and opto-electronics by bringing together all aspects of laser technology, from basic research to industry applications.

What is more, he is invited to a talk at MTSA2015 and TeraNano-6 in Okinawa, Japan, which will be held from June, 30th to July, 4th. The 3rd International Symposium on Microwave/Terahertz Science and Applications (MTSA 2015) provides a forum for the exchange of information on the basic science, technology, and applications in microwave to terahertz wave region. This symposium will be held in combination with the 6th International Symposium on Terahertz Nanoscience (TeraNano 6), offering the opportunity to promote the interdisciplinary domain between MW/MMW/THz technologies and nanotechnology.