What is the TERACOMB project?

TERACOMB is an ambitious project focused on pursuing the technology of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) to generate a frequency comb (FC) in the terahertz frequency region.

To achieve the project goals, the main players in the QCL and FC technology have been brought on board. They are represented by senior scientists in their mid-career stage guaranteeing a long lasting dissemination/exploitation of the project achievements.

The expertise of the TERACOMB project partners covers the physics and technology of quantum cascade lasers, the growth of advanced semiconductor heterostructures, terahertz time-domain and time-resolved spectroscopy, microwave techniques, fibre laser technology, precise time and frequency measurement techniques, and the frequency comb technology. All that knowledge is exploited towards success of the TERACOMB project – the demonstration of a reliable terahertz frequency comb.

Last, but not least, the TERACOMB project could be brought to life thanks to the financial support of the European taxpayers via the European Commission.

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